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Henry Barnathan, LMHC

Making the decision to face your struggles is the start of the adventure of your life.

     Hi, my name is Henry, and I'd like to talk with you about life. Life is beautiful. It has much good to offer, along with its ever present confusing and difficult challenges. When life becomes too difficult, we may hit a roadblock. We may feel that we don't know what to do, that we have tried everything, and that there is little hope in overcoming our hurdles. When we hit this point, when we genuinely don't know where to go or what to do, we feel lost, confused, depressed, and anxious. Not knowing where to turn when tragedy or malevolence hits can make us feel completely paralyzed.

     Here's a little secret- you're not the only one who feels this way. It's actually the default. We wonder why so many people are anxious and depressed these days, yet that's not the question we should be asking. We know why people are anxious and depressed. Life is hard. Suffering is real and part of life. The real question is how can we be happy, despite our suffering? How can we find meaning in our most difficult of times? How can we find the strength to overcome our challenges? These are the kind of questions and themes we will explore in therapy. How to best help create more of what you would like to see in life.

     So how do we get there? In session we will work to formulate a specific and individualized treatment approach that takes your challenges and difficulties into account. We will first attempt to understand your experience, build on your self awareness, and work towards producing alternative ways of living. For years I have helped clients by using a personalized approach that focuses on specific strengths and weaknesses.

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